How to live through a renovation.

Whether it’s a new, bespoke kitchen, luxury fitted furniture or a complete new renovation; if you’ve decided to stay in your home through the works, you’ll need to know all of the ups and downs as well as some tips to get through it.

Staying in the property you are working on has several advantages; saving money on additional rent, you know that the property is secure and you are easily available to answer any queries that your builders may have. However, as much as we would love to tell you how easy it is – we won’t lie to you. Understanding what’s involved will help you get prepared and letting you in on some survival tips along the way.

1. The dust get’s everywhere (and we mean everywhere!)

This is especially the case if you are knocking walls down or even just deconstructing your old kitchen. It doesn’t matter how often you sweep and clean, there is always a layer of dust that soon settles again. Box up items that you don’t need every day and tape them shut, leave yourself as little clutter as possible to be able to clean a little easier. Use plastic sheets (the biodegradable ones to cover open areas. Make sure to tape up and seal gaps in-between closed doors. This will help contain most of the dust during your renovation…kind of.

Half way through a kitchen renovation and this site is tidy

2. Know the plan!

It’s important to know exactly what’s going on during your renovation. Try and have a catch up with your builder at least once a week and most importantly; don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you are partaking in a building project, there are a lot of various experts involved which can feel slightly intimidating. A good, trustworthy tradesman will not mind telling you what’s going on and keeping you updated. After all, you are paying for them to be there so you deserve to know what is happening.

3. Keep your pets close.

A renovation project is a huge upheaval to us as humans, however, imagine being your pet and all of a sudden your home is in chaos and you have no idea why. It can be a stressful time for our fury friends, especially if they are territorial and get anxious over new people in the home. Not only that, but a building site can be a dangerous place and the last thing you need is an unexpected vets bill to add to the cost. Try and introduce your pets to your builders so they can recognise that they’re there, they should then settle down through out the day. They might need taking out more often if they are used to having free reign of the house but you will probably be willing to oblige anyway.

4. You can never have enough tea and sugar.

It may seem stereotypical (or just very British) but tradesman love a good cuppa. Invest in a catering bag of tea bags to stop numerous trips to the shop and a kettle specifically for the builders. They’ll thank you for it!

5. You’ll get used to a camping stove and microwave

There’s a very good chance you’ll become a pro at cooking those family meals with very little equipment. There’s no chance you’ll be inviting friends over for dinner but you’ll be able to feed the family. If you’re lucky enough to be going through your renovation in the warmer months you can take full advantage of dining alfresco and cooking on the BBQ, but when your friends invite you over for dinner you’ll jump at the opportunity.

6. Evenings and weekend lie ins – what are they?

No matter how much you try to relax, there will always be something that need’s doing. You’ll probably feel guilty for trying to relax when you could be doing something to speed the renovation project up a little bit. Whether it’s decorating, stripping wall paper or ordering materials, a renovation project will take up all of your spare time. It is important to have a little rest every now and again for your own sanity so plan to have a night away.

7. Take photo’s!

A lot of people forget to take photo’s through out a project. However it is important to get photo’s of your space before works started, during and of course; after. Before and during photo’s can be very practical for future use to see where services run behind walls as well as showing potential new buyers of the property what work has been undertaken. Most importantly, once the work has been completed and all the trades men have left, it is easy to forget how much has been achieved from when your renovation started, photo’s are a great way of looking back on your achievements.

8. You’ll appreciate the finished result even more!

You have gone through months of cold and wet weather, dirt trampled through the house, dust covering everything you own and your brain is frazzled by all the decisions you have had to make. you will sigh a deep sense of relief when all of the tradesmen have left and you can enjoy your new home. You’ll appreciate every part of the room so much more knowing all of the work and efforts that went in to it. You might want to invite all of your friends for dinner, or you might not as you’ll probably want to keep it looking shiny and new for a while. Either way, enjoy living in your new space and relax!

Finished renovation

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