When is the best time to start your project?

Kitchen projects can be undertaken throughout any time of the year, however, when you beginning to plan your project, it is important to consider your timeline., this way your renovation will be done when you want it to be.

Planning can often take longer than expected, especially if you are undertaking in a new build or large extension. The first stage is to get your architectural plans drawn up and approved, this can take up to 12 – 16 weeks. However, whilst these plans are being approved it is often a good idea to start looking at initial kitchen designs and retrieving quotes. This way you get ahead of the game and there is still time to make any small changes so that you do not have to make compromises. It is also beneficial to get the kitchen design firmed up before the building contractors are due to start so that they know where to put the electric points and plumbing services early on and there are no decisions being rushed.

At Monkeywood we like to get involved as early as we can with your project so that the build can run as smoothly as possible. We are happy to work with the main builders and provide electric and plumbing plans to help other trades. This way they job runs smoothly, and we can avoid any costly mistakes if things are in the wrong place.

The winter is the ideal time to start planning if its more major renovations that you have in mind. This way plans should be approved by the spring and the works can commence late spring/early summer – the perfect time of year for dining alfresco! This does rely on being able to find tradesmen that can start when required. We all know that the tradesmen that have the longer lead times are in demand for a good reason!

Starting your project in Spring

There is something about spring that makes people want to start renovating and freshen up the home after what can sometimes feel like a long winter in the house.



Starting your project in Summer

Summer is often the most favourable time of year to start a project due to good weather ad the hope of having it completed by winter. However, as we all know with out forward planning it does not always end up that way.



Starting your project in Autumn

A lot of people opt to start projects in Autumn as thoughts have moved from outside back into the home. People tend to be thinking of the Christmas holiday season ahead and want it all finished for Christmas. 



Starting your project in Winter

Winter is not the most favourable time of year to take on a project as most people are concentrating on the build up to Christmas or winding down after Christmas. However, it can be beneficial to start a project in the winter. 



Renovating your kitchen needs to happen when it is right for you. Kitchen renovations can be done at anytime of the year but if you give yourself enough planning time and speak to trades and suppliers well enough in advance you should be able to be completed for when you want. 

Contact us at Monkeywood to start planning your project and we can provide initial quotes and guide you smoothly through the process. 

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