Aynho – Northamptonshire


A dressing room where there’s a home for everything! This is a perfect example of a bespoke piece of furniture tailored to the customers requirements. 

A mix of open storage and display shelving breaks up the wall of cabinetry, with a lot of varied storage behind closed doors including pull out towel rails, hanging rails, pull out shelving and shoe storage. Small glass shelves are used in the centre section to display more elegant items on and to let the lights run through the unit. As well as shallower cupboard built in for the perfect hanging spot for those long pieces of jewellery. 


Adding in mirrored doors, again break up the cabinetry as well as providing a surface for reflecting the light.  Aspects of Oak contrast with the almost black painted finish. Not only does this break up the colours, but by using raw materials warmth is added to the room. 

The island is the centre piece in the room with a small bench located on the end. This provides a perching spot for tying up shoe laces as well as providing more storage with the drawers below and on the side of the island unit.  The oak tops not only provide a break in the colour but a more practical surface placing items on. 

Lighting was an important aspect in this design as there was not a lot of natural light. LED strip lighting was included in the internals of the wardrobes which came on automatically when the doors are opened. Spot lights were also included in the set back sections of the dressing room. 

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