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The purpose of this policy is to explain what cookies are and how we use them on our website. By using our website we ask for the consent to use cookies to enable our website to function properly. Please read the information below to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether accept or reject the use of cookies on our website. We also recommend you read our Privacy Policy at


A cookie is a small file saved by a website and is placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device. This file typically holds two pieces of information – a site name and a unique user ID. It does not hold any of your personal information and does not provide access to your computer, tablet or mobile device.


When you visit a website for the first time a cookie is downloaded on to your computer, tablet or mobile device. The next time you visit the same website your computer, tablet or mobile device will check to see if it already has a cookie that is relevant to the site and then sends information contained in that cookie back to the site. The site then knows that you are a returning visitor. Cookies generally used so that websites work more efficiently for the user. Our cookies do not store information for online shopping but may track how long you spend on each page of our website. Restricting cookies on our site may have an impact on the functionality of our website.


We use cookies to improve the way our website functions. Our website is built using WordPress and more information can be found out about WordPress cookies at We also use third-party cookies by Google Analytics to monitor our website’s functionality. The Google Analytics cookie will count the number of visitors to our website including remembering returning visitors. It also provides information such as how long visitors stay, how they navigate around our site, and what pages receive the most visits. We cannot control how Google cookies behave, and the information they retrieve is delivered to a Google Analytics account and not to our website. Further information about Google Analytic cookie use can be read at We also use third-party cookies by Google AdWords for our online marketing campaigns. Google AdWords cookies help to track who has seen our adverts and who has clicked on them. They also monitor the sales conversion rate of adverts. As our website is not on the Google domain this is why they bare referred to as third-party cookies.


You can use your internet browser settings to control or block cookies from our website. More information on how to do this can be found at


This Cookie Policy was reviewed in July 2021 and is subject to further amendments from time to time.

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