5 Reason Why You Should Choose Fitted Furniture?

Whether you are moving into a new home or improving an existing space Fitted Furniture is our passion and we believe that in the majority of cases, bespoke furniture is the best option for most people, and here is why ….. 

1 – Extra storage 

For most people the main reason for choosing fitting furniture is to maximize space using the best available storage solutions. When opting for bespoke fitted furniture you have the option of adding as many shelves, drawers or hanging rails as you require. This is not the case with most standard off-the-shelf items of furniture.  

2 – Designed specifically for you and your lifestyle 

Our furniture is totally bespoke, customers can choose exterior colour/ finish as well as interior, handles and the storage to fit their lifestyle. If you are a shoe lover, why not have extra tilted storage to display the shoes. If you have a lot of long coats or ball gowns increase the long hanging space. We take pride in working alongside our customers throughout the entire design, build and fit of each project. 

3 – Well-made long-lasting furniture 

Bespoke, fitted furniture can often be more expensive than standard furniture. However, with Monkeywood furniture you can rest easy in the knowledge that we use only the highest quality timbers and materials alongside traditional methods to build our furniture. This ensures that everything leaving the workshop is built to stand the test of time.

4 – Can be made for the most awkward spaces 

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that we can design and build furniture to fit even the most awkward spaces whether this is under-stair storage or wardrobes with awkward angles, Here at Monkeywood we love a challenge and pride ourselves on always being able to come up with designs and storage solutions to maximize any space in any type of home. 

5 – It’s an investment that adds value to your home.

Fitted furniture is not only the perfect storage solution but can also be an attraction if you plan on selling your house. Not only does it look great, but storage space is at a premium that prospective homebuyers are willing to pay for. 

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