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Here at Monkeywood bespoke kitchen design Oxfordshire we believe that Quooker taps
really are the best in the business. Quooker adds the perfect finishing touch to our bespoke
hand-crafted kitchens. Whether your project is a classic shaker styled farmhouse kitchen or
a sleek contemporary space Quooker have you covered. Call in to the Oxfordshire
showroom to have a look at some examples.

Although boiling taps seem to be a more recent addition to the kitchen market, Quooker’s
story started in 1970. Rotterdam-born Henri Peteri worked for Unilever and was visiting the
head office in London when during a presentation about instant soup. They showed how
you could dissolve soup in boiling water in just five seconds. ‘And to do that, you have to
heat water for five minutes?’ Peteri thought. ‘That’s stupid! Why can’t we get boiling water
from the mixer tap in our homes?!’  it was then he had an idea that would change his life for
ever. It took a lot of time, money and energy, the first models were sold to friends and
acquaintances who soon became hooked. Once people had used a Quooker, they couldn’t
live without it.

Quooker now sells over 300,000.00 taps a year, across the world with factories in 14
different countries.

Quooker technology allows customers to have access to instant boiling water alongside the
standard hot and cold taps. Their latest CUBE idea means that this addition to the system
provides filtered chilled water and sparkling water all from the same tap.

Care for the planet

Although having a boiling tap may seem like a real luxury. It is in fact far more efficient than
boiling the kettle every time you fancy a cuppa or need to fill up the saucepan. When you
dispense water from your Quooker tap, you use the exact amount of water needed. That’s
right … Quooker will save you money in the long run.

With Quooker’s new CUBE technology, filter chilled and sparkling water as well as boiling
water means no more plastic bottles are required.

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