The Importance of being Sustainable. 

Sustainable Kitchen Suppliers

As a bespoke kitchen and furniture making company Monkeywood is committed to being Sustainable Kitchen Suppliers. We are continuously trying to improve our carbon footprint. 

Responsibly sourced timber 

Look out for timber that’s FSC Certified. That means it has been harvested from forests that are responsibly managed ‘FSC’ stands for the Forest Stewardship Council .

At Monkeywood all our timber is from a FSC certified suppliers. We don’t buy anything from China or indeed from any source that doesn’t meet verified sustainability standards.

Made in Britain

Many UK kitchen suppliers source cabinetry from factories around the world, have it shipped thousands of miles and sell it as their own product from warehouses in the UK.

All Monkeywood kitchens and bespoke furniture is hand made at the Oxfordshire workshop. Where customers are welcome to pop in and see their furniture being made. 

Wasted wood

The scope for waste in the manufacturing of a kitchen can be huge. Which is why we at Monkeywood have made a serious investment in our machinery to ensure minimum waste. Before each kitchen is started the cabinets are plotted on to sheet material to maximize the number of pieces per sheet. This keeps offcuts to a minimum. 

Our extraction system also collects all wood shavings into large bags. These are collected by local farmers to use for livestock.

Eco Friendly Paint 

At Monkeywood we only ever use water-based paints that are non-toxic, biodegradable and have a much lower impact than solvent chemical-based paints. The use of water-based paints also means that in years to come the cabinets can be sanded back and painted again. 

Built to last

Here at Monkeywood we use only the highest quality materials, every bespoke kitchen or piece of furniture is handmade to last a lifetime. We make sure that each finished project can handle everything life throws at them. 

We are serious about sustainability at Monkeywood but always know that there are ways we can improve, which is why we are continuously changing our processes to make even the smallest difference in our carbon footprint. 

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