What is a breakfast Cupboard / station?

A breakfast cupboard is a space dedicated to the first meal of the day. Often likely to be located away from the main cooking area in the kitchen. A breakfast cupboard is a combination of cupboard and larder. More often it also features an area for making tea and coffee, along with housing other small appliances such as a toaster. At Monkeywood we like to listen to our customers needs and make a bespoke piece of furniture that suits their family and lifestyles. 

A breakfast station is a great way of having everything you need for a busy family breakfast all in one place. Normally concealed behind doors such as pocket, bi fold or normal cupboard doors, the doors are opened to reveal everything you need and then closed again to hide the chaos. 

Every one of our breakfast cupboards are fully bespoke and customisable, its very popular for these cabinets to house items for making hot drinks and a toaster – which sometimes is on a pull-out shelf to make using it easy – along with cereal containers, crockery, and other breakfast items such as condiments.

Classic shaker style tends to be our most popular choice but when it comes to rules around the shape, length or where the cupboard should go, there aren’t any. Our main aim is achieving the perfect space to house, microwaves, toasters, coffee machines etc. behind handmade beautifully crafted doors that can be closed to hide all of the daily clutter. 

What Other Things should I Consider When Designing a Breakfast Station?

If you have enough space, it is always a good idea to have a work top available within the cupboard. This provides extra work surface to butter toast or pour drinks without having to access other areas of the kitchen.

Having an in-built prep sink with a boiling tap (which allows you to do without a kettle) can make life easier so that you don’t have to walk to use the sink and fill up a kettle. We would always recommend a Quooker boiling tap. Many people are often concerned about how efficient a boiling tap is and the honest answer is they use very little electricity and are cheaper than a kettle to run. The exact amount of water is always used rather than boiling too much in the kettle and either re boiling or throwing away.

Lighting is also a major aspect to consider when designing the unit. having sufficient lighting in the kitchen is essential. To ensure that the busiest part of your day is well-lit, consider placing task lighting under or within cupboards to illuminate crucial kitchen areas. Additionally, you can install sensors on your pantry doors so that lights will turn on automatically when you open them, providing illumination for small appliances and your favourite breakfast items.

It is also worth thinking about what items you might need to store in your breakfast cupboard. Things such as jars, bottles and tins can be stored on the inside of the cupboard doors (if standard cupboard doors). You’ll need to consider the weight and height of the items you want to store. Lighter racking or baskets are ideal for cereal and bread while sturdy oak shelving is a good option for holding the weight of jars and tins. Because every one of our Monkeywood cabinets are handmade and unique to each customer, we can take into consideration all the above things and build in the correct storage solutions at all the correct levels. 

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